How ViacomCBS Pivoted to Air Culturally Conscious Campaigns During the Children Option Awards

To successfully pivot the KCAs, Viacom turned to partners Mattel and Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP).

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The COVID-19 crisis has brought on a mass shuffle in Tv marketing that’s expected brand marketers to sidestep their current ad campaigns to make area for culturally sensitive content material with updated messaging. When it was announced in April that the KCAs would air in early May, Velocity rapidly approached the show’s sponsors with approaches to update their campaigns, exactly where necessary, enabling the brands to continue to assistance the show and promote their messages.

“Everything about this year’s Kids’ Option Awards was focused on giving an entertaining encounter for little ones and families in the comfort of their own houses, from the residences of all their preferred celebrities and heroes. It was considerably more intimate, given that we had been adhering to social distancing recommendations, but also lighthearted and relatable for our fans,” says April McKenzie, Vice President of Activation at Velocity. “Our advertisers wanted to make sure their campaigns provided maximum influence though aligning with the present reality. We worked swiftly to reimagine the content and adjust any creative created for the original reside show that was planned for March.”

Amongst the partners who updated their campaigns have been Mattel Barbie and Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP). George Sholley, Vice President of Production at Velocity, shared, “Working with each and every brand, we have been able to edit some of the shots or add in new pieces of content to make sure the inventive reflected the present worldwide scenario though maintaining their core messages.”

“We’re nimble by nature,” adds Lisa Bull, another VP of Activation at Velocity. “For Barbie and MilkPEP especially, we required to adjust the inventive to reflect the present environment for our audience. Together, with our partners, we had been capable to move swiftly to provide astounding creative with timely messages.”

MilkPEP worked with Velocity to produce a custom campaign that included two-minute and 30-second cuts. Filmed in February, they featured Olympic-hopeful skateboarder Bryce Wettstein performing choreographed tricks and dance moves with kid-dancers and skilled BMX riders at a skate park. Velocity re-cut the original spots, weaving together a series of single-particular person shots to replace the group scenes. The final moments of the ad encouraged viewers, “Wherever you are, whatever you do…milk it.”

“Less than a month ago, you wouldn’t have to feel twice about creating and airing an ad that showed children skateboarding with each other and having enjoyable. But, occasions have clearly changed,” explains Justin Kovics, VP and Group Inventive Director at Velocity. “We had to guarantee the message our partners wanted to express wasn’t tone deaf in the current climate of social distancing, especially due to the fact youngsters are a large part of the Kids’ Selection Awards’ audience.”

“We are grateful for our partnership with Nickelodeon and agency Campbell Ewald,” stated MilkPEP CEO Yin Woon Rani. “We had been impressed with how rapidly we could make alterations to the spot to reflect social distancing and represent a constructive example of how to reflect that behavior to this vital audience.”

Prior to COVID-19, the in-home branded content studio developed custom content for Mattel Barbie®. The initial inventive centered on a young girl, showcasing her talents, and featured a group of children dancing collectively to a efficiency by 13-year-old DJ Livia. Offered that schools are at the moment closed and social distancing measures are in place, the content material had the possible to be confusing or alarming to youngsters. So, Velocity employed remote capture to record a message from DJ Livia in which she explained that the footage was shot previously and encouraged her fans to keep indoors.

“We’re employing music to remind girls that they can be something,” DJ Livia says in the video. She then went on to remind fans that “play is never ever canceled.”

“We have been truly able to lean in and leverage the power of DJ Livia as an influencer and a true girl realizing her passion, to send a optimistic message to audiences tuning into the awards show, when also generating sure the brand’s original message didn’t get lost,” says Jared Elliott, VP and Group Creative Director at Velocity.

According to Mattel, the updated inventive enabled the brand to reinforce its message at a critical time. “The Barbie brand believes in play, even through these tricky occasions,” says Aimee London, Senior Director of Marketing at Mattel. “Working with DJ Livia to pivot our method by celebrating at house, allowed us to show girls they can be anything, even though also celebrating imagination and social connection.”

Nickelodeon’s 33rd Annual Kids’ Decision Awards was vastly distinctive from any preceding show. It represented a radical shift from a regular awards ceremony filmed in front of youngsters, families, and celebrities alike, to 1 that was made remotely with virtual celebrity cameos and at-residence musical performances. In a further mark of nimble production, it featured commercial creativity that reflected the existing state of the world.

As brands continue to adjust to the “new normal” brought on by COVID-19, Velocity continues to find inventive methods to adapt and connect with audiences—even when they can not be in the very same room collectively. From remote production capabilities, to crafting relevant and meaningful content material on the fly, the inventive group continues to bring brand tips into becoming.

“The shop is not closed by any stretch of the imagination,” says Sholley. “We are able to make factors come about remotely, and we are especially well-equipped for this moment.”

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