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8 Simple E-commerce Strategies to Help You Gain More Customers

If you have an online store, it might be interesting to know how to gain more customers using e-commerce strategies.

The strategy is a plan of action which you design to achieve your business goals. Having a good strategy is necessary for your online store to improve its position in the market. 

Depending on the goals, there are different types of strategies. In this article, I will focus on how to gain more customers for your e-commerce business. 

1.Improve Search Usability

Recording and analyzing how your visitors use search and navigation functions can be beneficial. If your online store system can do this, you can use this to make an outstanding search experience for shoppers. 

Usually, there are two groups of customers. The first is visitors that know what they want to buy. For this group, finding the right information fast is the priority. If you don’t want your potential customers to buy from another store, make searching on your website as useful as possible. The second group is visitors who only want to browse. This group will use your menu section, move to product categories, and finally, the product itself. Here is all about how easy it is to navigate in your online store. Make sure that your menu bar and all sections related to the product are user-oriented. 

2. Use High-Quality Content 

 High-Quality Content

As your customers can’t touch the product, they make their buying decisions dependant on what they see. Include beautiful pictures and photos. After, check if your product description is good enough. Your buyers want to know not only the characteristics of the product but also how it will improve their everyday routine. Highlight all the benefits they get purchasing your product. 

3. Personalize your Home Page

Have you ever purchased anything in a big online store? And then came back to it? If yes, you’ve probably seen new buying suggestions offered by the website. This is called personalization. E-commerce businesses use personalization techniques to improve customers’ buying experience. Using real-time data such as location and time is one more way you can personalize your homepage.

Home Page

4. Make Sure Your Content is Consistent and Unique

Let’s be honest. Ads can be very annoying. And consumers try to avoid them in many different ways. That is why effective advertising nowadays impossible without a good content strategy. Analyze your target audience. What are their interests and hobbies? Where are they from? Come up with a plan for your posts. Make your posts valuable to your customers. Don’t forget to include share options. Finally, do tests and measurements to find out what type of content works most effectively.

5. Improve Shopping Cart Functionality 

Make your shopping cart section easy-to-use, to prevent your customers from abandoning it. Doing tests is a good practice to understand all the difficulties your buyers face using the shopping cart. During improving your shopping cart functionality, make sure your check-out page has no distractions. Your conversion rates depend on the number of clicks during the check-out process. Studies show, the more clicks your customers make at this stage, the lower your conversion rate will be. 

6. Use email-marketing 

Building your email list is an excellent opportunity to increase your sales. There are many ways you can ask your customers to leave their emails. You can include the sign-up forms at the end of the posts in your blog or in the check-out section. In return for a subscription, you can offer a discount or a small present. Be careful, sending out the emails without customer’s permission can lead to ruining your brand’s reputation.


What kind of content can you send to your customers? From the promotion of the new products till creating individual newsletter-only campaigns. And never forget about providing only valuable information to your customers.

7. Implement the Right Social Media Strategy

Your social media and content strategies should be connected. All the content your team uploads to your e-commerce website should appear on social media as well. It will help you to increase your audience. Instagram, Pinterest, or Snapchat, if you still don’t use these platforms, you are missing out on a broad base of potential customers. These visual networks are usually the best options for online stores. Building strong relationships with your customers and increasing your brand awareness are just a few benefits that come with the right social media strategy. 

8. Create Landing Pages

Personalized landing pages can lead to an excellent chance of attracting more customers. Understand your target audience, review your buyer personas, and analyze the demographics. After, create unique landing pages for different groups of your shoppers. 

Make your landing page visual and user-friendly. The best is to get rid of all possible distractions and leave only one CTA (Call to Action) button. It will make it easier to achieve your conversion goal. 


Surely, this is only a small part of all available e-commerce strategies you can find on the web nowadays. My purpose was to focus on the simple and most effective ones. 

Attracting new customers may seem complicated at first. However, it only seems like this. Try to start using at least a few of these strategies, and you will see how easy it can be. Good luck!


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